Founding Statement


We, the undersigned founding members, hereby establish the ‘LARGE SCALE MODEL AEROBATIC ASSOCIATION’, (hereinafter referred to as the LSMAA) to be a not-for-profit association, functioning under the auspices of the SOUTH AFRICAN MODEL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as the SAMAA) and operating as an SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP (SIG) in terms of the constitution of the SAMAA.

The objectives of the LSMAA shall be to actively promote the sport of competitive large-scale aerobatic flying and whilst so doing shall: –
Subscribe and adhere to the objectives of the SAMAA constitution.
Promote all aspects of large scale aerobatic aircraft flying amongst all South Africans, including the development of regional structures and support for local and international competitions.
Develop and maintain policies on safety and rules for all aspects of competitive large scale aerobatic flying.
Prepare and annual calendar of scheduled events which will include an annual National championship event, a masters event (Tournament of Champions), league competitions, provincial competitions, clinics and workshops.
Liaise and co-operate with other bodies having materially the same objectives.

Membership of the LSMAA is open to all persons interested in competitive large scale aerobatic flying, subject thereto that such persons are members in good standing with SAMAA.

The management of the affairs of the LSMAA will be conducted by a management committee, (hereinafter referred to as the COMMITTEE), which will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
The committee will consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and two other elected members. Members of the committee may hold more than 1 portfolio. The post of Secretary and Treasurer need not necessarily be members of SAMAA or LSMAA. (Could be filled by a wife of a member)
The COMMITTEE shall meet at least four times per annum and the secretary shall maintain accurate records of these proceedings.
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate financial statements of all the financial activities of the LSMAA.
The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and direct the proceedings to ensure that the objectives of the LSMAA are realized.
The meetings of the COMMITTEE shall be open to all members of the LSMAA unless the COMMITTEE resolves to consider a matter “IN COMMITTEE”.

The financial transactions of the LSMAA shall be conducted by means of a Bank account held in the name of the LSMAA at a recognized banking institution in South Africa.
The financial affairs of the LSMAA shall be open to audit by the SAMAA auditors at any time should the need arise.
The LSMAA shall determine a membership fee for members of the LSMAA at the Annual General Meeting.
At least two signatures are required for signing of all cheques or withdrawals.

The LSMAA shall disseminate relevant information to all members of the LSMAA on a regular basis in an open and transparent fashion.

Any dispute amongst the members of the LSMAA shall be referred to the COMMITTEE for resolution. Should the COMMITTEE be unable to resolve a dispute, it may be referred to the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE of the SAMAA for assistance.

The document titled ‘Scale Aerobatics Official Flying and Judging Guide’ as published IMAC is used as the general judging guideline and rule reference unless otherwise stated. This document has been posted on the SAMAA web site.

Class Minimum Wing Area Minimum Engine Capacity
Basic, Sportsman & Intermediate 960 sq. inches 18 cc
Expert 1000 sq. inches 30 cc
Unlimited 1000 sq. inches 45 cc

The LSMAA supports the Pilot Proficiency Rating policy of the SAMAA and has set the minimum proficiency rating for all classes at Silver.
The total implementation of this, by all competing members of LSMAA, will be prior to the 2008 SA Nationals.

The LSMAA supports the Safety Code of the SAMAA and emphasizes the following points:
All pilots will have at least 1 assistant when starting their aircraft’s engine.
All pilots will have an assistant / caller while flying at either an aerobatics competition or public displays.
All aircraft are to be equipped with an alternate method of shutting down the engine should normal throttle control not be possible during flight. This is to be implemented by the 2008 SA Nationals.
All local flying club safety rules will be adhered to.
The total dry weight of the aircraft is not to exceed 25 Kilograms

The LSMAA shall at all times function under the delegated authority of the SAMAA.

The LSMAA COMMITTEE will not be held liable for any misconduct, of any description, by any of the LSMAA members, outside any event or activity, which is not formally coordinated by the LSMAA COMMITTEE.